Song : One In A Million

I was headed straight home just to see you
When I saw some old friends that I know
So I stopped for a couple cervasas
But I swear I was thinkin’ of you

I put on my hat for my exit
When who would walk through the door
A man you might call a bandito
And he told us to hit the floor

Well he took what he could from the cash bar
And he took all my pay from this week
Just when I thought that it was all over
He said, “Hey boy, you’re goin’ with me”

Well you asked me to meet you at the movies
I knew we’d have such a good time
Meryl Streep in a part with an accent
It sounds like a favorite of mine

But I came on an elderly woman
Her child had been taken away
She said by a pack of wild dingos
Well what would you do in my place

I followed the trail of the dingos
One he put up a terrible fight
But I finally retrieved back her baby
And we drank to the end of the plight

Well you called me the very next mornin’
And you said that we needed to talk
But my car wouldn’t start on that
So to your home I started to walk

On a dark stretch of highway
Something quite strange happened there
For about all these lights started flashing
Then it pulled me up in the air

The aliens were not what I expected
But their problem was perfectly clear
Some dingos had stolen their babies
I got ‘em back and we drank their spare beer

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©2003 Charlie Robison Enterprises All Rights Reserved